Get More Website Traffic and Conversions By Answering Your Prospect’s Questions

Get More Website Traffic and Conversions By Answering Your Prospect’s Questions

A great way to increase website traffic and conversions is to answer common questions that your potential customers have and post these on your website.

Here are the benefits by utilizing this strategy:

  1. Your sales people will have a place to send people to that have questions.
  2. You will get more leads because people will see you as the expert.
  3. You will get more traffic from the search engines because people will be searching for the answers to these questions. If you have the best answer to the question and you have authoritative website, then you have a high chance of ranking for these questions
  4. Your potential customers will spend more time your website. This is great for search engine optimization.
  5. You will position yourself as an expert in your field.

Start this process by creating a comprehensive list of questions that your customers and prospects could ask. First write down every question you could think of yourself. Then ask your employees what questions they think customers may have. Then, contact your customers and ask them what questions they have and what they think other customers would want to know.

Next, type in your question into Google and see what other people have said. You may even come up with other questions. You can also, look at other business that provide your type of service in other cities to see if you can find other questions that may be asked. Finally check out to see if you can discover any other questions.

Your potential customers are typing all sorts of things into Google to find answers. They are not just typing in “Plumbing Boston.” They are typing “how do a replace a bathroom sink drain.”

Once you have created a solid list of questions start answering the questions one by one.

Write out your answers in detail. Don’t leave anything out. Consider adding photos and videos that you create to answer these questions. You could hire a local videographer or you could have someone film you with their Phone. Make sure you have good audio. Upload these videos to YouTube and then embed them into the web page where you answer these questions. Ideally you want someone to spell check and proof your work before you post it on your website.

Next create a page called “Frequently Asked Questions.

Create a page for each question and answer. Then you can link to these pages from a Frequently Asked Questions page. You could also use this type of content for blog posts or social media posts. You could also add the questions and answers into a knowledge base. There is software you could use for this such as ZenDesk.

If you have an answer to the questions your prospects are asking, then you have a much greater chance of being found in Google when someone is looking for an answer. Your goal is to provide the best answers out of all your competitors.

Don’t hesitate. Get started answering questions today.

Action Plan:

  1. Make a list of potential questions.
  2. Answer these questions with text, photos, and videos.
  3. Create a frequently asked question with this content.
  4. Always be on the look out for new questions.
  5. Check back on your questions and answers periodically to make sure they are current.

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