Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Before we get deeper into the course, I want to give you a warning.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

It is really easy to get overwhelmed by all of the local digital marketing strategies that it takes to market your home services business online.

It is easy to get “analysis paralysis.”

If you are you are spending all your time and analyzing all of the strategies and overthinking you can get paralyzed and not take any action.

My recommendation is to really focus on developing one strategy at a time and getting it completely dialed in before moving to the next strategy

Take the time to understand how the strategy works, what are the goals of that strategy, and what consistent actions it will take to get the most out of the strategy.

You will definitely not be able to implement all the strategies all at once!

Take it one strategy at a time.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed Action Plan

Every strategy that you utilize requires refinement, patience, and most importantly consistent action.

  1. Choose what strategy you are going to implement.
  2. Learn the strategy.
  3. Write down your strategy set-up plan.
  4. Write down what you have to do consistently to implement that strategy.
  5. Take action setting up the strategy.
  6. Take consistent action to maintain the strategy.
  7. Track the effectiveness of the strategy.

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