Features and Benefits of Our Reputation Search Optimization Service

Increase Your Visibility

We will help increase your online presence by dominating page #1 of Google with your 5-star reviews

Local Business Directories

We submit your business to the top online directories to improve your visibility in local search. 

Publication Links

We get links from the high authority publications directed to your website and review directories. Our secret ranking weapon.

Your SEO Partner

We are available if you have any questions regarding our services. We love our clients and are here to help.

Daily Reports

You will get a daily ranking report. Plus we will keep you in the loop as to any industry changes.

Foundational Links 

We build links from a variety of site types in order to diversify your backlink profile.


We network with the world's top SEOs in order to stay sharp and apply what we learn to your site.

Reputation Marketing

We help you get reviews from your customers. Reviews help convert people from a prospect to a sale.

Worry-Free Contracts

We only offer Month-to-month contracts. If we aren't delivering results you are free to leave.


    Jeff has such great personality and inspiring work ethic. His skill set and knowledge when it comes to marketing is unbelievable. He thinks outside of the box, and is very creative when it comes to working with tough problems. If you need a trustworthy marketing expert in your team who's going to get the job done right, Jeff is your man!"
Cristian Gutierrez

Social Media and Internet Specialist, Keeson Marketing

    I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff for several years. I have am constantly inspired by Jeff's passion to exceed the expectation of his customers and provide the greatest value possible. He is constantly working to improve his strategies. I look forward to watching him continue to succeed by helping his clients achieve their greatest successes!
John Bendever, Jr.

Local Marketing Pros, Digital Marketing That Makes Sense

    Jeff Newman is one of the most approachable professional I've met and has been a great help to my business. Jeff is indulged in his craft and will not let you or your business down, instead he will add immense value to it. Do get in touch with him, i recommend Mr. Newman highly.
Waqar Ali

Globally established internet Marketer. Changing Businesses yielding gross revenue to websites by Organic Traffic #CEO, ASEO Ltd

    Jeff consistently creates winning marketing campaigns for his local clients. He really stays ahead of the game, and his SEO skills are absolutely incredible, to say the least. He specializes in lead generation and committed to his client's success. So if you want to get more people seeing your products and services, or you just need your phone to ring more with prospective clients than Jeff is your go-to man!
Robert Westberg

Traffic and Website Conversion Expert – Generating 10X Local Leads by PPC Service That Pays For Our Services!, Westberg and Associate, LLC

    • I highly recommend Jeff if you are looking to increase your company's online presence. He is an incredibly skilled SEO expert who is always creating innovative strategies to maximize his clients ROI.
Michael Benoit

Owner , Launch Source SEO

Thank you Jeff for your honesty and knowledge in our marketing programs. Your ideas have helped us strengthen our efforts.

Larry Rampenthal

Developer at IDC, Internet Design & Consulting (iNetDesign)

Jeff has proven time and time again that he is one of the best in the industry. I know the effort he puts into staying ahead of the changes and value he provides clients. I whole heartedly recommend Hope Media Group to anyone on the edge.

Hunter Ballew

I Multiply Revenue by Increasing Organic Traffic to Websites, Pace Media

If you are looking for an edge when it comes to SEO, Jeff has you covered. His Gigs have been specially formulated to generate the best results possible while remaining compliant with the Search Engines. The other thing I like about Jeff is his honesty and is a genuinely good guy. He did right by me and I'm sure he'll look after you too.

Ray Coleiro

Digital Marketer Specializing in SEO. He Helps Businesses Grow Faster With Google Traffic. , ADV SEO Services

Incredible to work with, really cares about your specific business, and what works best for our business model. Highly Recommend. Thanks again Jeff!

Vincent Latteri

Founder, Face To Face DIY

Jeff has been helping business get more free website traffic from the most popular search engines for more than 5 years. He is an established SEO professional with great knowledge in the digital marketing field who will rank your business website high up the SERPS. Get in touch with him today as his services are in high demand and spaces are limited.

Nick Vassilev

SEO Consultant | SEO Expert | SEO Specialist, Lightbulb SEO

Our Landscaping Marketing Services Can Help Grow Your Company

Being the owner of a business entails many things, including making certain that your marketing efforts are up to par. We provide a wide range of landscaping marketing services for landscaping companies. If you are interested in making the most of your online presence, we can help, starting with a free website audit.

The scope and benefits of our landscaping marketing services are vast, including reputation marketing. It is vital that folks are able to find positive information regarding your company when they search for it. Our services will help ensure that you have reviews collected and posted that are going to help show the benefits of your landscaping services.

Being visible in the online world is becoming increasingly difficult. There are so many different things that you will need to do. However, we know all of the tips and tricks to help ensure that your site is at the top of relevant search results, growing your visibility and online reputation at the same time.

Do you know how fast your site is? The fact is that if you have pages that load too slowly, you are losing business. People today are in a hurry and don’t have time for speeds that make them think back to the days of dial-up internet. We can make absolutely certain that your site speed is up to par and will help people to access your pages quickly. The greater the retention rate of visitors, the better your conversions will be!

Do you have good landing pages on your site? Do you even know what a landing page is? This is a part of your site that addressed important words and phrases that are relevant to your business. We will determine the right keywords and content approach to ensure guest satisfaction for all of your landing pages.

Likewise, we create authority links for your site. This is one of the ways that Google and the other search engines determine the value of your site. By providing you with excellent link building, we are going to give your site the boost necessary to grow your visibility and relevance in the landscaping niche.

If you are ready to establish and take control of your online presence, let us help you with these and other related skills. We have the staff and support to ensure that your marketing efforts for your landscaping business increase your traffic and reputation. We are dedicated to providing excellent service at every step of the marketing process. Contact us today to arrange for a free website audit, complete with information on how we can help!