Reputation Marketing Introduction

The previous section showed you some powerful strategies you can use to create a 5-star experience for your customers and your employees.

Now that you are dedicated and actively working towards providing this kind of experience it is necessary to start marketing your 5-star reputation.

It is going to take a consistent effort to build your online reputation. However, this effort is well worth it!

The bottom line is this, most people read reviews before they contact a company. In order to get more sales, it is essential to consistently get more 5-star reviews online and share these reviews on social media.

Your goal is to “visibly” become the most reputable business in your market by getting the most 5-star reviews in your market.

Action Plan for the Reputation Marketing Section

  1. Perform a Reputation Analysis of your competition.
  2. Sign up for our Reputation Marketing Software.
  3. Schedule a time with a Customer Success Manager.
  4. Set Up Your Company Profile.
  5. Connecting Google My Business.
  6. Connect your Facebook Page.
  7. Connect other Review Sites.
  8. Connect your CRM.
  9. Import your contact list.
  10. Add your team members.
  11. Set up the Mobile App.
  12. Set up your campaigns.
  13. Start creating stories.
  14. Add review widgets to your website.
  15. Start sharing your stories on social media consistently.
  16. Set up engage.
  17. Add additional locations.

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