Service Area Marketing


The goal of this gig is to help you build your online reputation and local search visibility in the various cities where you provide services.

This is specifically for service area businesses.

This gig will help you get more reviews for your website and for your Google My Business.

Plus, you will get better local, organic search engine rankings.

This gig will truly provide you with an unfair advantage over your competition and help you grow your business.


We capture two streams of hyperlocal content from your staff and from your customers.

  1. Keyword rich service check-in information that contains photos, videos, and descriptions that are specific to the location where the job was completed.
  2. Location-specific reviews from your customers. These are requested from every job that you do.

Next, we share this information on your website and on your social media profiles.

Your customers will also have a chance to leave a review on Google for you as well. This will help you get tons of reviews on Google.

In order to capture this information, we use a check-in system.

Every time you complete a job, your service technician will enter information, photos, and videos about the job.

Then, after the job, your customer will be asked to give your business feedback. If they have a Google account, we will ask them to leave a Google review as well.


This content gets added directly onto a city page on your website.

This makes the city pages extremely relevant and current for people in those service areas.

Here is an example of a city page where content has been added. Notice the check-in information on the right and the customer reviews on the left.

After your customers will also have a chance to give you a Google review. This will help you get tons of reviews.


Regular check-ins and reviews lead to more frequent updates to your site. This leads to more frequent crawling by the search engines. This will cause your website to rank higher.

Every check-in and every review is automatically location-tagged, and service heat-maps are created for every city you serve.

You aren’t just telling visitors where you provide services, you are showing them!

Typical city pages are static. That means that no additional content is added to them once they are created. Eventually, these pages lose value in the eyes of Google and will decline in rankings.

With our gig, you will have a steady stream of check-in information and reviews, flowing to your location specific city pages.

Every check-in causes the crawlers to keep coming back. It shows the search engine that this is a site that is always fresh and worth ranking.

You will rank higher locally, generate more proximity searches nearby, and get higher lead conversions because people will see your awesome reviews!


  • Provide you with our check-in/review¬†builder system.
  • Train your staff on how to use the system.
  • Add the reviews and check-in information to your city pages automatically.
  • Syndicate your check-in and review content to your social media accounts.
  • We will help coach you on how to best build your reputation.
  • We will manage and monitor the system.