Features and Benefits of Our Search Engine Optimization Service

Increase Visibility

We can help your business get more visibility online by making sure you are listed at the top online business directories, by helping you get 5 star reviews from your customers, and by dominating the rankings in Google for the keywords your prospects are typing into Google.

Live Chat Operators

Did you know that you can get up to 40% more leads from your website by offering live chat. We can provide you with live chat software and agents that will be available 24/7 to turn your website visitors into leads.

Reputation Marketing

We can provide you with powerful software that you can use to easily collect reviews from your clients. We then syndicate these reviews to Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. According to Brite Local, 92% of people read reviews before they choose to call or visit a business.

Site Speed

It is extremely important to Google that your site is blazing fast. When a site doesn't load up, people click the back button. We will optimize your site, so it is extremely fast, in order to provide a great experience to your visitors and make Google happy.

Local Directory Optimization

We will get your business listed on the top local business directories, fix listing errors, and make sure your listings are optimized with your photos, logo, keywords, and links to your social profiles and website.

Landing Pages

First we find out all the keywords that people would use to find your type of business in each of the cities you service. Then we build and optimize web pages to target these keywords. We only use top copywriters to compel your visitor to contact your business.

Authority Link Building

The search engines rank web pages based on the quality of the links that are pointed to those pages. We continually build links from authoritative, niche relevant websites online to your web pages in order to rank them for your targeted keywords.


We provide you with daily reports that show you where your web pages rank in the search engines for your keywords. We also provide you reports from Google Analytics so you can see how much traffic your website is getting.

Worry-Free Contracts

We do not force you to sign long term contracts. If we are not providing you with the desired results, we are not going to force you to stay with us.


    Jeff has such great personality and inspiring work ethic. His skill set and knowledge when it comes to marketing is unbelievable. He thinks outside of the box, and is very creative when it comes to working with tough problems. If you need a trustworthy marketing expert in your team who's going to get the job done right, Jeff is your man!"
Cristian Gutierrez

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    I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff for several years. I have am constantly inspired by Jeff's passion to exceed the expectation of his customers and provide the greatest value possible. He is constantly working to improve his strategies. I look forward to watching him continue to succeed by helping his clients achieve their greatest successes!
John Bendever, Jr.

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    Jeff Newman is one of the most approachable professional I've met and has been a great help to my business. Jeff is indulged in his craft and will not let you or your business down, instead he will add immense value to it. Do get in touch with him, i recommend Mr. Newman highly.
Waqar Ali

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Robert Westberg

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Michael Benoit

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Larry Rampenthal

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Quality Water Damage Leads


The hardest part of running a business is acquiring quality leads.

Many businesses have sunk in the past because they were unable to crack the marketing code.

With this team and its robust SEO services, lead generation will become a breeze. This team is dedicated, professional, and well-trained to handle the rigors of creating meaningful lead generation solutions for all water damage repair businesses.

Here is what makes this the ultimate solution for your marketing needs.

How We Work

Let’s start with the basics. How does this team build a funnel of new leads for businesses?

1) Build Targeted Pages
2) Add Businesses To Local Directories
3) Establish Powerful Backlinks
4) Create Targeted Press Releases
5) Customize SEO Campaigns For Results
6) Drive Endless Traffic To Website With SEO

The premise behind this service is to create a page on your main website to target specific keywords (i.e. water damage + city). Therefore, when a prospective lead heads over to Google and types this in, they are directed to your website instead of your competition.

As a business owner, it doesn’t get better than this.

With years of experience, this company has crafted a world-class solution for clients wanting to rank high when it comes to these local keywords.

Targeted Leads

Why choose this method of acquiring leads?

It starts with the targeted manner of this lead. The users going to Google and typing, “water damage + city” are defined as intent-based leads. These are individuals looking for a solution and have money in hand.

What more does a business require? It is a ready-made lead, and they will continue to come in one after the other. This is what makes it a powerful solution for those wanting targeted water damage repair leads.

This company will create the ultimate ranking solution to help acquire these leads for free.

Better ROI

A successful business is always run on the premise of maintaining a high ROI (return on investment) as this is critical to the enterprise and how it does.

This is why other solutions such as Facebook marketing or Google Adwords don’t match up. Those require continuous funding to uphold, and it’s not worth it after a while.

With this company, the campaign will be based around SEO marketing, and this is easier to manage with free leads coming around the clock. Building a robust business with free leads is going to create a higher ROI for your needs.

This is the beauty of SEO and how this company shapes its work.

Faster Results

Tired of waiting around for results and not getting the leads you’re after? This company has crafted the ultimate SEO solution with everything being completed in a methodical manner.

Whether it’s the smaller details or, the larger ones, everything shall be supplemented with the highest level of care.

It could be a press release, building backlinks, or even adding your business to a local directory, but this team is going to go the extra mile every single time. The goal is always to build meaningful results, because speed matters.

Consistent Growth

With this lead generation system, consistent growth is guaranteed, and that’s where success will be found. Instead of the odd lead here or there, this is a well-engrained system ready to provide long-term leads.

A consultant will sit down and flesh out a world-class SEO plan for your business needs to ensure the system works as well as it needs to.

It’s time to stop “buying” water damage leads and focus on building a robust solution that operates in the background providing targeted leads. Once the SEO campaign is up and running, the results are going to be immaculate and worth one’s time.

Comprehensive System

Why buy water damage leads when you can build a comprehensive asset for yourself? It’s important to consider competition in your market and see what they’re doing right. Most businesses stutter when it comes to building SEO campaigns, and this team will do everything for you.

All SEO-related details will be taken care of right from the get-go making it a stress-free experience for you.

Flood damage leads should come from a comprehensive system where it works day in and day out. With this company, those results are guaranteed as that’s what clients deserve. This is what water damage lead generation is all about.

Stop trusting water damage referral companies and go with an all-encompassing lead generation system using free SEO traffic. Whether it is water remediation leads or water restoration leads, this is the first company to have on speed dial to get things rolling.

Get started now and speak with a professional SEO consultant to build your SEO campaign from the ground up. All it takes is one decision to build the perfect water damage SEO campaign for your marketing needs.