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Grow Your Restoration Business With Our 100% Exclusive Water Damage Leads Service

The hardest part of running a business is acquiring quality leads. Without water damage leads, your business will suffer. We want to provide you with high-quality, high converting leads that are exclusive to your company. If you want to grow your business and want to learn about our exclusive water damage service, keep reading…


Who are you?

We are a team of Internet marketing experts that specialize in generating leads for the water damage industry. We have many years of experience with online marketing. Our mission is to deliver you qualified leads from people needing water damage services, right now!

What kind of exclusive leads and services do you provide?

We provide water damage leads, flood damage leads, water restoration leads,  water restoration marketing, water restoration leads, exclusive damage restoration leads, and water damage lead generation. If you want to buy water damage leads and are looking for water damage referral companies we can help you out. 

How do you generate leads?

We have two methods. Google organic search and Google Adwords.

When people are looking for a restoration company, they typically go to Google to find one. In order to get leads your business has to be visible in the search results when someone types in “water damage restoration.” We use Google organic search to place your business in front of these searchers.


We start by optimizing your website for organic search. Here is our Google organic search blueprint.

  1. Make your website load extremely fast.
  2. Make your website mobile optimize.
  3. Make your site is Google friendly.
  4. Make pages for each service you offer.
  5. Make pages for each city you serve.
  6. Build high powered links to your pages every month.
  7. Add hyper-local content and reviews to each page.
  8. Get tons of Google review from your customers.
  9. Track all the leads that your website generates.

Essentially we water damage type searches in your city. We build out city pages and service pages to target your service area. On these different web pages we place a call tracking phone number and a web form your prospective client can fill out to request you to contact them.

Our goal is to completely dominate the search listings for all the water damage terms in each city you serve. All of the calls and leads that are generated go directly to your company. These are exclusive leads. All you have to do is answer the phone and close the deal. You will get a higher conversion rate because you are not competing with other companies for the same lead.


We are experts are get leads from Google ads. We create a custom landing page that targets all of the different services you offer. Next we build Google ads that target your services and service area. Then, we optimize them for conversion. We consistently monitor and improve your campaign in order to capture more leads and reduce your ad spend. The longer you maintain your Google Ads the more optimized your ads will be.

Here is your Google Ads blueprint:

  1. Build a custom, high-converting landing page.
  2. Create Google ads to target your services and service area.
  3. Optimize your landing page for conversions.
  4. Track all the leads your Google Ads campaign generates.

How long does it take for the leads to start arriving?

We can typically generate leads from Google Adwords within the first few weeks.

The leads we generate using search engine optimization and Google Maps can take anywhere between 1-8 months for leads to come in. This all depends on the size of the cities in your service area and the search competition level of the cities in your service area. Once we have established the rankings you will regularly get calls. If you have ever tried to rank websites, you will know that SEO takes time, but is well worth it because you can capture a lot of traffic that you just can’t capture through pay per click.

What kind of companies are you looking to partner with?

We want to work with established companies that are already successful and have a great reputation with their customers. We want companies that are in it for the long haul and can appreciate the value of Google organic search traffic and can appreciate the highly targeted, and extremely valuable leads that it can produce. We want to work with companies that are willing to be patient until the SEO work kicks in. We also want to work with companies that can handle more leads and are willing to grow.

How do you deliver the leads?

The leads will come in the form of a phone call or email lead directly to your company. All you have to do is answer the phone or call back the lead from the email form submission.

Why should we work with you?

We will deliver real-time, exclusive, high converting phone call and email leads from potential customers in your area that have the intention of hiring a water damage restoration company. Most lead generation companies sell their leads to 4-5 other prospects. You will be the only one that gets the leads that we generate specifically for your business.

This will dramatically increase your closing ratios since you are not competing with other companies. And finally, you only pay per billable calls. If you want to dispute the leads, we provide you a means to do so. We want to have a long-term relationship with the companies we partner with.

How do you charge?

We do not charge per lead. For our Google Organic SEO campaign and our Google Maps campaign we charge to optimize your website, and then we charge monthly to consistently build links and traffic to your site.

For our Google Adwords campaign, we have a management fee that depends on the amount of money you are paying for ads.

Can we just pay you if we get the job?

No. This requires too much monitoring and tracking on our part. We charge monthly for our organic SEO campaign and for managing your Google Ads.

Do you send the lead to multiple companies?

No, the phone calls and email leads you receive will only be sent to your company.

Is there a long-term contract?

No. You can cancel whenever you want. However, you have to realize that SEO can take a long time to kick-in. But, once you have authority in the eyes of Google you will rank for more and more keywords. And, with Google Ads, it can take several months to optimize your campaign.

How many leads can I expect each month?

That really depends on the search volume for in your service area.

What happens if I want to cancel?

Just let us know and we will cancel your account.

Do you guarantee sales?

We do not guarantee sales. However, we do guarantee that we will generate exclusive water damage leads for your business. It is your job to turn those leads into sales. Not every lead we send you will turn into a sale.

How do I get started?

The first step is to request a quote. Click the link below.