How To See What Others Are Saying About Your Business Online


  1. Open up Google.
  2. Search for your Brand.
  3. Search for your Brand + Reviews.
  4. Look for the listings with the stars.
  5. Click the sites and see what people are saying about your business.
  6. Make sure to take the time to respond to the reviews.
  7. If you haven’t registered for those sites take the time to register for them. Remember to save your usernames and passwords somewhere. You could create a document where you save all of these. Keep it safe.
  8. Make sure you set up the site to send you notifications when you get new reviews.
  9. To see what people are saying about your competitors, search for your main service type + city in Google.
  10. Look in Google Maps, Google Home Services, Yelp, Facebook, and your industry review sites to see what people are saying about your competition.
  11. Get a system to help you regularly get reviews from your customers.
  12. If you would like help with your online reputation contact us.

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