From the desk of Jeff M Newman:

Dear Home Improvement Business Owner,

Would you like to get more website traffic, reviews, leads, and ultimately sales for your home improvement business?

If you answered “yes” to this question then I would like to help you.

The majority of home improvement businesses are missing out on leads and sales because they do not understand how to market their business online. Most home improvement businesses throw up a simple website, get listed on a few business directories and stop. They depend simply on referrals and nothing else. What if your referrals dry up? What if you want to double, triple or 10x your business?

Utilizing proven digital marketing services from experts can change all of this.

Think of digital marketing as assets that can be built, just like a home. These assets can bring you a consistent stream of qualified leads and sales for your business. These are assets that you can control and own.

However, building your digital marketing assets takes time, money, and energy to build.

Think about how many years it has taken for you to build up your business to where it is today. If you gave up on your business the day after you got your contractor license where would you be today?

I have been marketing online since 1996 and have spent countless hours studying digital marketing strategies and helping businesses grow. I would be interested in potentially help you build your digital marketing assets.

If you are interested in building digital assets that can help you produce online reviews, website traffic, leads, and sales, then I have an offer for you. I would like to create a free digital marketing blueprint specifically for your business. There is no obligation or cost. All you have to do is simply let me know that you are interested and I will build one for you.

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To your success,

Jeff M Newman
Founder of Hope Media Group