From the desk of Jeff Newman:

Dear Home Improvement Business Owner,

Would you like to get more website traffic, reviews, leads, and ultimately sales for your home improvement business?

If you answered “yes” to this question then we would like to help you.

The majority of home improvement businesses are missing out on leads and sales because they do not understand how to do home improvement SEO. Most home improvement businesses throw up a simple website, get listed on a few business directories and stop. They depend simply on referrals and nothing else. What if your referrals dry up? What if you want to double or triple your business?

In order to grow, you need more website traffic and more leads.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a marketing strategy that is all about positioning your business at the top of the Google search results for the different keywords that people are typing into Google when they are looking for a business to call. 

This is the best type of website traffic to get to your business because these people have the intent to contact a home improvement company now.

Think of search engine optimization as building as assets that can be built, just like a home. These are assets that can bring you a consistent stream of qualified leads and sales for your business. These are assets that you can control and own.

SEO is different than Google Ads. With Google Ads, you pay per click. In the home improvement space, these clicks can cost anywhere from $1 to $300 for one click. If you stop paying, Google take will down your ads and you will lose your traffic. However, with SEO can get a steady stream of traffic and leads without having to pay per click.

Over time you can completely dominate your market by having the company with the most five-star reviews and being ranked at the top of Google for all your keywords.

I have been marketing online since 1996 and specialize in SEO specifically for home improvement companies and would love to help optimize your business for Google search. I manage a team of SEO experts, and we would love to help your home improvement business grow.

If you are interested in exploring what it would take to do SEO for your business, the first step is to get a Free SEO consultation. We will evaluate your current SEO, provide you with a report that will show you how you can improve, and then we can go over our SEO services.

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To your success,

Jeff Newman
Founder of Hope Media Group